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Note: :-

1. Clicking on the language will display the list of books available in that language.
2. Clicking on General or academic link will open the list of those books. a member can browse to select a book in that category.
3. One may also search by title of the book (even Part name is sufficient) to find the desired book available in the NAB talking book library with its author and Accession Code.
4. Clicking on the name of the book will take the member to the request form page which needs to be filled and submitted. Remember the Accession Code and title of the book which is required in filling the form. You may copy it after search result and paste here.
5. Once all details are filled press on submit button and the form will be sent to the library incharge.
6. You will get the download link of the requested book with in 2-3 working days.
7. You have to give your g.mail I.D. only for getting google drive download link. You should not share the download link with anybody.
8. Only NAB India library members will be able to get the benefit of these services.